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Recipe: Tasty Gummy popsicles

Gummy popsicles. The Popsicle is a classic summer treat that never lets you down… except when you race to chomp into it before it melts down your hand, causing you to get a brain freeze! Luckily, there's a Gummy Popsicle to save the day. For these popsicles, I used my Pusheen the Cat Popsicle Mold.

Gummy popsicles Your kids will be so happy with the popsicles that they aren. Fill the popsicle molds (leaving ½ an inch from the top) with lemon lime soda. Fill the remaining ½ inch of the molds with gummy bears. You can cook Gummy popsicles using 3 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Gummy popsicles

  1. Prepare of Juice.
  2. It's of Gummies.
  3. It's of Popsicle tray.

Remove popsicles from the freezer and molds and enjoy the sweet and gummy surprise! Fill the molds with the cooled lemonade just enough to cover the worms. What little kid wouldn't love a Popsicle filled with gummy bears? These are so fun yet so easy to make!

Gummy popsicles instructions

  1. Fill tray w gummies.
  2. Add juice than freeze.
  3. Enjoy.

These popsicles will be a great poolside snack for the kids this year. Fill the molds with the cooled lemonade, just enough to cover the worms. But back to the homemade popsicle recipe…below you'll find the ingredients and directions for this super simple way to make homemade popsicles with your kids this summer. Ingredients For Homemade Fizzy Popsicles With Gummy Bears. This was the first way and a simple way to do it with the neighborhood kids or for a birthday party.

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