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Recipe: Appetizing Mixed Berry Popsicle

Mixed Berry Popsicle. These mixed berry popsicles are the quintessential summer treat. The mixture of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries is sure to cool you down! The heavy whipping cream and cottage cheese help to make these Mixed Berry Popsicles a fat bomb and also make them creamy and delicious.

Mixed Berry Popsicle To your kids, they're just the best berry popsicles in the world. To you, they're nutrient-dense, homemade frozen fruit popsicles that also happen to be super easy to make and refined sugar-free! With healthy fats and probiotics, they're the perfect healthy summer snack for toddlers. You can cook Mixed Berry Popsicle using 4 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Mixed Berry Popsicle

  1. You need of Honey.
  2. It's of Greek Yogurt.
  3. You need of Almonds.
  4. Prepare of Cashew.

The perfect mixed berry popsicles for summer. Free from refined sugar and naturally flavored, these are a healthy frozen treat for the whole family! In a medium size bowl, mix yoghurt, berries, agave, and vanilla extract with a rubber spatula. Divide yoghurt mixture among popsicle molds, leaving about half an inch on top for the granola.

Mixed Berry Popsicle instructions

  1. Blend all the Ingredients according to your taste buds..
  2. You can even add other ingredients such as chia seed, spirulina or cacao..
  3. Fill the blended ingredients into the popsicle tray and freeze it. Or use ice tray too..
  4. Enjoy as a dessert or snack any day.

Top each popsicle with granola and insert popsicle sticks. Superfood Very Berry Popsicles - These beautiful mixed berry popsicles are secretly loaded with superfoods! Naturally sweetened, kid-approved and perfect for a healthy treat or snack! This post is part of a three-recipe heart healthy dessert week I developed in partnership with Sprouts Farmers Market. The resultant creamy, vibrantly pink, mixed berry popsicles are free of refined sugar, can be made vegan if you swap out the honey for maple syrup or agave or cane sugar, and are guiltlessly indulgent, yes, even in the middle of winter.

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