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Recipe: Perfect Strawberry Milkshake without ice-cream🍹

Strawberry Milkshake without ice-cream🍹. Get Amazing Shakes Recipes From Kraft® Foods. How to make strawberry Milkshake without ice cream. A milkshake without ice cream is basically deconstructed ice cream.

Strawberry Milkshake without ice-cream🍹 After trying different flavors (of course, all them were also good), I found healthy strawberry milkshake without ice cream as the best option for me. Strawberry Milkshake Without Ice Cream Strawberries ( lat. Fragaria ) are lovely fruits and many people really like its flavors as well. You can have Strawberry Milkshake without ice-cream🍹 using 3 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Strawberry Milkshake without ice-cream🍹

  1. It's 1 cup of milk.
  2. You need 1 cup of fresh strawberries.
  3. Prepare 1 tea spoon of sugar.

Particularly throughout the strawberry season, lots of people have strawberry plants somewhere in their lawn, and they just love harvesting them all up. This recipe is a good building block for a pretty darn good strawberry milkshake even without ice cream. By itself the recipe tastes dull and just like milk with a hint of vanilla but bitterness from the honey. While a milkshake without ice cream can be just as delicious, adding a thickener such as egg yolk will significantly improve its texture and make it taste more like a traditional milkshake.

Strawberry Milkshake without ice-cream🍹 instructions

  1. Put the milk, chopped on half strawberries and the sugar in a blender..
  2. Mix the ingredients until they are ready..
  3. Serve in glass and you can decorate the glass.

Elizabeth from likes to add raw egg yolks to smoothies because they give them a milkshake texture. IMHO, the best strawberry shake is made with vanilla ice cream and real strawberries. To make strawberry milkshake without ice cream, skip ice cream and use some ice cubes and freeze the fruit overnight to get a creamier and smoother milkshake. You will need to increase the quantity of the fruit and milk, depending on the consistency you like. Repeat with remaining strawberries, vanilla, ice cream and milk.

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