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Recipe: Appetizing Date/Oat Bars

Date/Oat Bars. Made with Real Ingredients Food that's both Delicious & Convenient. In a large bowl, mix oats, flour, brown sugar, baking soda and salt; stir in melted butter and egg white. Spread carefully with date mixture; top with remaining oat mixture.

Date/Oat Bars Spread date mixture over dough in pan. Enjoy classic date filled bars in a new way - a wonderful treat. Copycat Nature Valley™ Oats 'n Honey Bars. You can have Date/Oat Bars using 8 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Date/Oat Bars

  1. You need 1/4 cup of Chia seeds.
  2. It's 1 cup of Water.
  3. It's 20 of Pitted dates.
  4. Prepare 1/2 cup of Water.
  5. It's 1 cup of Rolled oats.
  6. It's 1 cup of Raisins.
  7. Prepare 1/2 cup of Sunflower seeds.
  8. It's 2 tsp of Cinnamon.

Take-Along Chocolate Chip-Date Cake To make these oatmeal date granola bars, you'll need a food processor. The smart cooking sidekick that learns what you like and customizes the experience to your personal tastes, nutritional needs, skill level, and more. To make these gluten free date bars, be sure to buy certified gluten free oatmeal. Find recipes for date bars to meet any taste..

Date/Oat Bars instructions

  1. Preheat oven to 400°F Fahrenheit..
  2. In a small bowl, mix the chia seeds and cup of water. Set aside to form a gel..
  3. In a small bowl, microwave the dates and 1/2 cup water on high for 30 seconds. Blend the mixture until it forms a smooth paste..
  4. In a separate bowl, mix oats, sunflower seeds, raisins, and cinnamon. Stir in date paste and chia seed mixture..
  5. Pour into a lined or greased 8x8" baking dish. Bake for 30-35 minutes. Once cooled, cut into bars of desired size..

Mix in the butter until crumbly. The base for these bars is dates - the natural sweetener supah powah. Then we add almonds, oats, peanut butter, and maple syrup (or honey or agave) and mix it all together! These Chewy Date Oat Bars are packed full of dates, prunes, dried fruit, coconut, almonds and oats. I'm in love with dates, and I'm on a mission this year to include them in much more of my cooking and baking.

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